Afraid of Erasure

I left Facebook a week ago; just decided I wasn’t going to go on it any more. I toyed with deleting my account but I have a page on there that I didn’t want to lose. And then I thought about why I didn’t want to lose it. And it wasn’t that I didn’t want […]

The State of the World

The term ‘the state of the world’ isn’t something I would have used to describe anything until recent times. I find that the West – particularly Americans – believe Western/American events are world events instead of localized. And while I still believe that, times have shifted a bit. Climate change. Mass shootings. Fascism. Drastic inequality. […]


This site is a daily writing practice. A place where I can clear the cobwebs out of my head and jot down thoughts and the like without having to concern myself with the hellhole that is social media. I expect most posts will be a few sentences long; some longer, some much longer, a few […]