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Pheroze Karai is a nice boy and a professional musician who fronted and managed Century Media recording artists, Scar Culture, and played Freddie Mercury in NYC’s Most Handsome Queen Tribute band. He continues to release music under his own name and embark on various musical outings.

He has also led, and still leads, digital transformation, content, and marketing strategy for major brands such as Nintendo, Atari, HappyPuppy, and Publicis Sapient. If you know what HappyPuppy is, he would like to give you a high-five and maybe a condolence hug.

He writes Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels and lives in Pacific Grove, California with his family, including his twin toddlers, one named after an Ursula K LeGuin character and another named after a name he and his wife saw in the credits of Iron Fist season 2. He can’t wait until his children get older so he can tell them this.

All viewpoints, opinions, and whatnot posted on this site are Pheroze’s and not representative of any past or present employers, fae folk, deities, deviants he may be associated with.