The State of the World

The term ‘the state of the world’ isn’t something I would have used to describe anything until recent times. I find that the West – particularly Americans – believe Western/American events are world events instead of localized.

And while I still believe that, times have shifted a bit.

Climate change. Mass shootings. Fascism. Drastic inequality. These are world issues in that they not only affect all of us, but in that a unified, global front must be had to contend with them.

One can argue mass shootings are a uniquely American phenomenon and – to a point – they are in modern times. That a supposedly advanced society breeds such archaic laws and the mindsets that accompany them is unique. But every single region that has experienced genocide or executions or terrorism or war has had mass shootings. The mindset to commit these atrocities is global. The access to commit them is American.

The pressure to stop it, all of it, must be global.